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About Narrows Creek

We started in the little winery building in 2017.   

We were under equipped, and space became a great issue.  Luckily, the large shed, built in 2015, before the winery was ever conceived provided us the option for expansion of our tasting room. Even in the midst of a pandemic.  We will continue adding more this summer.      

When we went on this amazing journey, little did we know how it would turn out.   

We have had the great support of family and friends.

                                                     Dean & Vicky

About our wines 

We started with 5 wines and of them, only 4 you could buy.   That was in September 2017.   We are open during the months of April - December.   

We try to add a new variety each year.   So there will be wine releases throughout each season.   We are up to 13

Some of our wines we refer to as the cellar wines.  They have been with us for many years, during those hobby years.   And so many have been created since we opened.

And now we are working on a "small vineyard", expanding on our degree of sweetness into what some have referred to as the "dark side" ;)

Come relax with us and have fun with us.

                                         Dean & Vicky

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